We will light up all the roads in the world
by developing the best products based on our accumulated technology.

Accumulated technology / Cultivating a creative spirit / The best products

CEO's Greetings

Since its establishment on August 9,
1991, ILWEOL Electronics has been
developing and producing automatic
switches for streetlamps and guard
lamps, and distribution boards for
streetlamps. The company obtained
a KS certification for its distribution
boards for streetlamps on August 26,
2009, and is well known for its exc-
ellent products in the field of automatic
switches for streetlamps...+more

Electronic Streetlamps Controller

Switches for Guard Lamps.

Consistent control is available by always maintaining
the standard time in application of GPS receipt for compensating
The present time to the electronic Guard Lamp switch,
and this product does not require a separate compensation
Because the light On/Off...+more

electric guardlamps switches electronic streetlamps controller
  • Electronic Streetlamps Controller