‘ILWEOL Electronics’ products are the results of its
Accumulated technology for lamps and switches.

CEO’s Greeting

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CEO's Greeting

Since it's establishment on August 9, 1991, ILWEOL Electronics Has been developing and producing automatic switches for Streetlamps and Guardlamps, and distribution boards for Streetlamps. Is well known for its excellent products in the field of automatic switches for Streetlamps and Guardlamps. To respond better to customer's needs, the company has been preparing to manufacture environment-friendly LED Streetlamps and Guardlamps for a long time, and has now started producing them. Based on its accumulated technology in the lamp industry for decades, ILWEOL Electronics will make every effort to develop the best products so that it could light up all the roads in the world.

All staff members of ILWEOL Electronics
CEO Sunbok Ji

CEO’s Greeting