Streetlamps Controller

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electronic streetlamps controller

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Electronic Streetlamps Controller

electronic streetlamps controller

This device indicates the on/off time and
the year/month/ day/hour/minute.

Select, Adjust, and Sequence buttons.
These are adjustable
while seeing the LCD display..

Manual buttons.
You can manually turn
the lamps on/off during
circuit failures.

Time difference button.
It can be transferred to
the one-touch
every-other-lamp function.

Switching button.
The button outside
the control box Buttons for
selecting functions

Every-other-lamp button.


  • Overview
  • The front panel of this device consists of the subject part, an output screen, and the power supply.
    It is a lamp controller that has a programmable date(year, month, day, hour, and minute)
    to find the sunrise and sunset time. You can adjust various data in real time while seeing the LCD display.
  • Functions
  • • You can adjust its real-time data while seeing the LCD display.
  • • A microprocessor is built-in to turn the lamps on/off.
  • • You can manually turn the lamps on/off when failures occur in the circuit.
  • • The at-all-times and every-other-lamp functions can be manually adjusted
  •   according to the installation environment.
  • • Manual buttons for checking lamps and stabilizers
  • • It can be transferred to the one-touch every-other-lamp function.
  • • Time difference ON function (CH1, CH2)
  • • Input data can be permanently stored with EEPROM.
  • • It can be used for both at-all-time and every-other-lamp functions
  • • Compensation time for power failures
  • • Compensation time for turning the lamps on/off
  •   (Turning on : ±180 mins; turning off: ±180 mins)
  • Electric features
  • • Voltage: AC 220 V ±10%
  • • Output circuit : Always every
      other lamp (single circuit)
  • • Controller current : 40 mA
  • • Humidity : 5 - 95%
  • • Frequency : 60 Hz
  • • Maximum load : AC220V 5A
  • • Temperature : -30°C ~ 80°C