Streetlamps Controller

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GPS Streetlamps Controller

gps streetlamps controller manufacturer korea

This device indicates the on/off time and
the year/month/ day/hour/minute.

Selection, Adjustment,
and Sequence buttons

:These are adjustable while seeing
the LCD display.

The data are indicated on the
LCD screen for easy checking
Check button.

: For the status of the lamps
in the daytime using the
manual lamp on/off functions.

Function selection button.
: For selecting and
modifying functions by
simply pressing the button.
You can select from the
one-touch time difference,
and every-other-lamp functions.


  • Overview
  • This automatic GPS switch for Streetlamps connects to the GPS receiver and compares its time signal
    with the standard time received from the satellite for time correction.
    Thus, it can turn lamps on/off at a more exact time, and allows the customer to select from
    the GPS function and the digital switching function, thus giving scalability to product implementation.
  • Functions
  • • GPS correction of the present time
  • • Time difference by turning on the at-all-times
  •   and every-other-lamp functions
  • • Switching between the at-all-times and every-other-lamp functions
  • • Changing the every-other-lamp time and turning it on again
  • • One-touch every-other-lamp function (time 00:00)
  • • One-touch switching
  • • Compensation for lamp on/off
  • • Automatic compensation for leap years
  • • Compensation time for power failure : 8,000 hrs
  • • Stabilizer protection by turning on Ch1 and Ch2 with a time difference
  • Electric features
  • • Voltage: AC 220 V ±10%
  • • Output circuit : Always every
      other lamp (dual circuit)
  • • Controller current : 40 mA
  • • Humidity : 5 - 95%
  • • Frequency : 60 Hz
  • • Maximum load : AC 220 V 5 A
  • • Temperature : -30°C ~ 80°C