Distribution Boxes for Streetlamps

‘ILWEOL Electronics’ products are the results of its
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street type streetlamps distribution boxes

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Street Type Streetlamps Distribution Boxes

street type streetlamps
  • Format
  • Cabinet
  • Number of
    branch circuits
  • Protection
  • Application
  • Metal single-phase two-wire system ;
    three-phase four-wire system
  • Stainless (STS304), Powder coating
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker less than 30A, 2 ~ 8circuits
  • IP44 (dustproof and waterproof)
  • Streetlamps, park lamps, and
    scenery lighting
  • Overview
  • This is a product that has harmonized
  • the urban environment-friendly colors and
  • the structures near the roads to the maximum.
  • Functions
  • • Product with its durability enhanced by STS power painting.
  • • Corners were roundly finished to protect the pedestrians from clash.
  • • Internal light for work and sign lamp are made of LED lamps for easy
  •   follow-up management and to remove worries of damage
  •   to the lamp during work.
street type streetlamps street type streetlamps