Tunnel Light Controller

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tunnel lights controller

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Tunnel Light Controller

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  • Overview
  • Tunnel light controller is an item that is manufactured to safely operate the light by minimizing the visual fatigue of drivers and Also efficiently managing the energy through step-wise control of inner light according to the brightness of outside and also Based on pre-set hours at the night time. Using GPS or CDMA, tunnel light controller makes it feasible to remotely supervise And also standardize current hours for more efficient light management.
  • Functions
  • • Illumination controlling unit, daily light controlling unit, street light controlling unit
  • • Automatic light function from the illumination sensor
  •  (Available to set with total 12 stages) (Range of illumination setup 0~20000LUX)
  • • Available to initialize the setup
  • • Available to restore the blackout
  • • Control automatic light with internal RTC
  • • Automatic light function based on internally installed hours for sunset/rise
  • • Add and edit category
  • • Auto/manual controller for each channel
  • • Available to diagnose each of the modules